Get Your Commercial Pilot’s License And Prepare For a Career With The Airlines

April 26, 2023

The demand for commercial pilots is expected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, and you could be up next to pin that set of wings to your lapel. Bring your commercial pilot license goals closer to reality with Leading Edge Flight Academy! We’re sharing how to earn your license in less time, achieve more financial support than other flight programs, and how you can prepare for professional job placements with the airlines. 

Log Your Required Commercial Pilot License Flight Hours as an Instructor 

It’s no secret that it takes many hours to become a commercial airline pilot—at least 1,500 to be exact. It takes about two years, and LEFA offers plenty of opportunities to fill those flight logs! Your flight training school covers approximately 200 to 300 hours.

One unique factor of LEFA is the bridge we offer between flight schools and the airlines by offering flight instructor interviews to students who completed 100 percent of their training at LEFA. Due to airplane training demand, our flight instructors fly an average of 70 hours per month and can progress quickly to the hour requirement for their next aviation job. This is great news if you’re looking to gain experience quickly.

Take Advantage of Incredible Financial Aid Opportunities

As you may have heard, the pay and benefits of being a commercial pilot are outstanding. But what is often overlooked is the investment it takes to get there. Our graduates go on to fuel their passion for teaching as instructors or complete their hours with some of the top U.S. airlines. They get their goals faster because of our FAA Part 141-approved program. We have options if you want to complete a professional flight training program with financial support.

We’re committed to building the highest skill level in our student pilots at the lowest cost. That’s why we offer many pathways to funding your flight school training. You can choose from federal loans and scholarships, G.I. Bill benefits, community college degree programs, and private lending options. Check out our price sheet for estimates and specific information on the costs of becoming a commercial pilot.  

Go Farther, Faster With Job Training Skills 

If becoming a commercial pilot is your top goal, Leading Edge Flight Academy is an incredible opportunity to work up to your minimum hours requirements and begin working for professional airlines. With our program, you’ll reach your commercial goals in 200 versus 250 hours at non-professional Part 62 flight schools. Start a career at the airlines in as soon as two to three years instead of five. See this helpful chart for a helpful visual comparison of our program’s benefits.

In addition to expediency, Leading Edge offers job training to our students like preparing and practicing for interviews, resume tips, and providing professional references to help you gain traction in the world of professional aviation. And when it’s time for job placements, we’ll leverage our longstanding relationships with industry aviation partners like SkyWest Airlines, Horizon Air, Alaska Seaplanes, and Ravn Alaska. 

Going Places With a Commercial Pilot’s License? Start Your Journey With Leading Edge Aviation

Achieving your commercial pilot license isn’t just about logging flight hours. At Leading Edge Flight Academy, you’ll learn all the soft skills you need to be a great employee of a professional airline. Our highly-trained staff and instructors have a blend of experience in real-world operations, working in private, commercial, and military aviation. Go far with Leading Edge Flight Academy and take your career to adventurous places by starting here