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Leading Edge Flight Academy is a professional flying school that specializes in training both airplane and helicopter pilots, exceeding all industry standards in knowledge, professionalism, and safety. Located in Bend, Oregon – with 300+ days of sunshine and consistent four-season flying – Leading Edge’s support and training prepares you to meet your aviation goals. Our management team of pilots and industry leaders hold a cumulative 37,000 hours of flight experience and 100+ years in the aviation industry. We know what it takes to prepare you for a thriving career in aviation.

Quick Facts about Leading Edge:

Is now a good time to start a flying school and flight training?

According to the 2020 Boeing Pilot Outlook published in October of 2020, “Aspiring aviators who begin their training today will be well positioned to take advantage of new job opportunities as the industry recovers.” The world is always changing, but the demand for pilots continues to grow. If your dream is to fly, make the pilot’s seat your new normal and see where aviation can take you!

Looking to fly yourself for business, pleasure, or adventure?

Check out our Apex program for concierge flight training that helps you attain the Aviation Lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Our Apex division caters to those who are eager to fly non-professionally, whether they are interested in experiencing the travel benefits or the time-saving efficiencies of flying a privately owned aircraft. Along with one-on-one training that caters to busy schedules, Apex also offers Flight Reviews and Safety Pilot Services.  Whether you’re a rusty pilot looking to get current and your skills proficient, or you are an experienced general aviator looking to advance your skills or ratings, our Apex program is standing by to help!

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