Why Leading Edge

Flight TRAINING FOR AIRPLANE and helicopter PILOTS for nearly 20 years

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Leading Edge Flight Academy has been launching professional pilot careers for nearly 20 years in Bend, Oregon. Bend is an outdoor paradise for the powder thirsty, trail hungry, adventure enthusiast. The better part for our school: Bend is an ideal flight training environment. Our airport is situated at 3,460 MSL and is surrounded by mountains on one side, high desert on the other. Our 300 days of sunshine include a legitimate four seasons of weather, and our pilots learn how to make informed go/no-go decisions.

Our goal is to train above industry standard pilots and prepare them to succeed in the real-world of professional aviation. To accomplish this we have an above industry standard Leadership Team and Instructor Team. The Teams’ depth of experience shines through in quality of training. As a FAA approved flight school, every training mission has a purpose and a standard. Student progress is closely monitored with meticulous records and stage checks to ensure training is to our standard and the student is prepared to advance. Providing this level of high quality training allows us to be an approved FAA Part 141 school. For you the student this means more oversight and lower hour requirements, more cost saving with our FAA approved advanced flight simulators, and a quicker path to employment.

Flight training is completed in our fleet of Cessna 172’s, Beechcraft Bonanzas, and a Beechcraft Baron. Our aircraft are fully standardized which allows for student familiarization across the fleet and very high aircraft availability with only one to three percent of flights lost due to maintenance. As our goal is to train above industry standard pilots, the type of aircraft in our fleet are purposefully chosen to prepare our students for the real world. For example, we teach multi-engine in the Beechcraft Baron because we see training value in students learning to fly a multi-engine aircraft with a critical engine. While there are other multi-engine training aircraft with counter rotating reciprocating engines that are easier to fly and burn less fuel, students will more commonly fly a multi-engine aircraft with a critical engine at their next professional aviation job.

We are very loyal to our students and meet our hiring needs with those who have gained the necessary skills by completing 100% of their training at Leading Edge. Those who excel as students will have the opportunity to become Flight Instructors at Leading Edge and become an integral part of our strong leadership and safety culture. Our Instructors fly an average of 70 hours per month and can therefore progress quickly to the hour requirement for their next aviation job goal. Leading Edge is committed to efficiently building the highest skills level in the shortest amount of time and cost so graduates can continue to build experience as instructors and ultimately meet their person goal to become professional aviators in record time. The Leadership Team provides mentorship, resume help, industry contacts and recommendations for our instructors. When leaving Leading Edge, our Instructors are not only prepared as great pilots but also as high-quality employees.