your safety comes first

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LEA prides ourselves on having an incredible safety record. In the past five years we have flown 82,000+ flight hours without a major accident or injury. We attribute this record to a company-wide safety culture that is both proactive and preventative.

speak up and stay safe

Students, employees, and customers are encouraged to record all hazards incidents (or potential mishaps) in our Safety Management System. Our Safety Committee then analyzes each incident using proven risk management techniques. Solutions are proposed and implemented as soon as possible

Proactive pre-flight assessments

LEA instructors and students utilize a Flight Risk Assessment to identify risks and mitigate them prior to each flight

eager to listen, learn, and solve

We promote a “just” safety culture, where hazard reporting is met with “Thanks for your input. Tell me more so we can find the right solution.” Our goal is to provide the best aviation education with utmost attention to your safety