Flight TRAINING FOR AIRPLANE and helicopter PILOTS for nearly 20 years

Get to know Leading Edge Aviation

For over a decade Leading Edge Flight Academy has specialized in training helicopter pilots, airplane pilots, and launching aviation careers. Located in Bend, Oregon with 300+ days of sunshine for consistent, four-season flying, Leading Edge’s start-to-finish support and above industry standard training prepares you to meet your aviation goals.  Our management team of pilots – with over 37,000 cumulative hours and 100+ years in the industry – knows what it takes to prepare you for a career in aviation.

Situated at 3,460 ft

Nearly 20 years

In outdoor paradise, Bend, OR

Meet The Team

Brad Fraley

President & CEO

Travis Warthen

Vice President

Arianna Moore


Jack Walker

Executive Vice President

Nicole WOLF

Director of Flight School Operations

Chris Jordan

Chief Helicopter Instructor

Chris White

Chief Fixed-Wing Instructor

Courtney Massey

Director of Business Development 

Kelly WEST

Dispatch Manager

Noma Wilcken

Office Administrator

Kate Ayres

Director of Admissions

Sara Lower

Dispatch and Invoicing

Connor O'Brien

Line Service Manager

Jeff Bishop

Facilities Manager

Rosie Galeano

Testing Proctor/Training Support