Student Success Team

Supporting Your Aviation Career Goals


We created the LEFA student success team to ensure every student has the resources and support they need to stay on track with their education and career goals.

Supporting Aviation Students—From Zero Experience To Professional Pilot

It’s an unfortunate truth that many students who enroll in flight school will leave before reaching their aviation career goals. Between the personal, professional, and financial demands of a rigorous training program, it’s easy to lose sight of your original ambitions.

At Leading Edge Flight Academy, we take a proactive approach to helping our students stay on-track. Our Student Success Team guides students to define their own aviation career goals and provides the resources and support they need to achieve them. 

How It Works

Our Student Success Team represents a cross-section of all departments, including outside advisors and student representatives, to ensure we truly understand and address our students’ needs. 

The Student Success Team works both behind the scenes and directly with students to help improve student retention, program completion, and goal achievement. Through specific initiatives and quarterly meetings, we help students create realistic education and career goals. Then, we monitor and support those goals throughout your time at Leading Edge Flight Academy.

When Our Students Succeed, We All Win

At Leading Edge Flight Academy, our people are our strength. The ultimate measure of success is the success of our students. After nearly 20 years of launching professional aviation careers, we understand that focused, successful students have knowledge of and access to crucial resources, clear educational and professional goals, and a support system that helps hold them accountable to those goals. 

With our initiatives for increasing student retention, completion, and success, the Student Success Team is just one more way we help our students reach their aviation goals.