Helicopter Add-ons & Advanced Courses

Flight TRAINING FOR AIRPLANE and helicopter PILOTS for nearly 20 years

Whether it’s your first day at the controls or you’re a seasoned pilot, Leading Edge Aviation (LEA) offers FAA-approved helicopter courses and education programs to further your aviation career. LEA also provides add-ons for all ratings, including recurrent instrument and proficiency training.

Specialized Training

Mountain Flying Operations

Learn the unique aspects of mountain flying at the base of the Cascade Mountains, including meteorology, terrain, and pilot skills required to fly and operate safely in mountainous conditions. We offer real-world application of ridge-line, pinnacle, confined area, and high density altitude operations








Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Training

An FAA-approved NVG course that prepares you for the advanced requirements of today’s commercial operators. We provide multiple levels of NVG training, including initial qualification, instructor endorsement, and recurring training


NVG (R44)
6 hrs      Ground = $300
9 hrs      Flight = $5175
Mountain (R44)
10 hrs      Ground = $500
10 hrs      Flight = $5750
Mountain (206)
10 hrs      Ground = $500
10 hrs      Flight = $8238
Turbine Transition (206)
10 hrs      Ground = $500
5 hrs         Flight = $4119

    External Load Operations

Gain sought-after external load operations skills. Taught by our experienced utility pilots using our Bell 206 series and Robinson R-44 RII helicopters, you’ll obtain the knowledge and skills required to operate with an external load, including the use of long lines and Bambi buckets.

Course Layout:

15 hours       dual flight time

5  hours        ground training      

Estimated Costs:

Program has been approved for VA Education Benefits. 

R44                     Bell 206

15 Dual           $8625                    $13107

5 Ground       $250                       $250 

Course total:      $9125                    $13607


Estimated Time Frame (varies based on pilot experience and weather conditions):

8-10 Days

Turbine Transition Course

Expand your piloting expertise by gaining the ability to operate turbine aircraft. You’ll train in the 206 B3 and L3 models to learn the specific operating parameters of turbine-powered helicopters. This course focuses on the systems, basic flying maneuvers, and emergency procedures in a turbine helicopter.