Central Oregon Community College (COCC)**

Aviation Degree Program

Flight TRAINING FOR AIRPLANE and helicopter PILOTS for nearly 20 years

Looking for a college that offers an Aviation Degree program? Central Oregon Community College (COCC) in Bend offers a program to help you get there.

With COCC, you’ll earn your Aviation Science Degree while completing your flight training.  This degree program includes 550 hours of aviation-specific classroom courses to provide a much broader level of learning. Although structured for 2 years students who attend classes over the summer can finish in less time.


Earn a degree and your pilot’s license

When you enroll in the COCC degree program, you’ll earn your degree while completing training towards your helicopter or airplane pilot ratings. Together, an academic degree plus pilot training position you for success in your future employment

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Financial Aid Available

COCC students may be eligible for federal student grants, scholarship, and loans. Private scholarship opportunities may also be available exclusively to COCC students. Finally, student loans may be available from private lending institutions to bridge the gap between education cost and federal financial aid

Why COCC Over other degree programs?

The COCC program was developed by industry professionals, to give you the same educational outcomes delivered by 4-year degree programs, in just 2 years. This means you can become a fully rated pilot, and enter your paid career as a flight instructor in 2 years. As a flight instructor, you will get paid to fly, while completing the remainder of your Bachelor’s degree online

The COCC program cost is significantly lower than 4-year University competitors. 

All FAA rating have minimum hour requirements however to successfully obtain the necessary ratings you must demonstrate proficiency of both skills and knowledge. COCC’s structured degree program creates an effective learning environment so students progress through their ratings in 2 years as opposed to spreading the same learning over 4 years at larger Universities.

COCC is located in Bend, Oregon – a beautiful place to live and fly. Due to our proximity to the Cascade Mountain Range, you will earn your ratings flying in diverse, real-world weather and terrain conditions. We believe it is better to learn to make weather calls in a controlled training environment -vs- your first day on the job. 

Experienced instructors

COCC Aviation faculty are accomplished aviators. Together with COCC, they have developed an outstanding flight training degree program that meets the needs of individual students while preparing them for future success

Fully qualified for Veteran benefits and financial aid

For Veterans taking flight training through the GI Bill®/VA program, enrolling in COCC ensures that you receive complete education benefits. If personally paying for flight training, enrolling in the degree program gives you access to financial aid possibilities such as grants, scholarships, and student loans

Horizon Program

COCC, in partnership with Horizon Air, offers eligible students $12,500 toward flight training. With the goal of encouraging students to invest in their community, students become eligible for the grant when they agree to stay and teach as a certified flight instructor for COCC.-

** COCC has an aviation degree program separately approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs that is not affiliated with Leading Edge Flight Academy.