Leading Edge Family,

The safety and health of all of you – staff, students, friends – is top priority in all that we do. 

Safety and Health have been top priorities at our company and in the aviation community long before COVID and will persist long after.  A consistent and everlasting truth in the aviation safety culture is to analyze and mitigate risk.  We analyze risk every day we fly or think about flying, and we are prepared to fly with you safely.  Please contact launch@flybend.com to get started!

8/13/21 UPDATE: Following Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s announcement today, Leading Edge will follow Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and state guidance by requiring face masks inside all Leading Edge buildings and aircraft.  Notably, the state’s new order applies whether individuals are vaccinated, un-vaccinated, socially distanced or not.  We have masked up before and support masking up again in order to help healthcare workers and keeps our schools and businesses open. 

5/11/20 UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN FOR FLIGHT TRAINING + TESTING + ONLINE GROUNDS!!!  Our Safety Committee has worked directly with OSHA and in compliance with CDC guidelines to operate under an infectious disease prevention plan.  This includes screening before and after entering our facility, PPE requirements, scheduled sanitizing, and additional mitigation measures to keep our staff, customers, and community safe.  Please contact Jack Walker (jwalker@flybend.com) and Terry Riessen (triessen@flybend.com) with any questions.  We look forward to seeing everyone safely, symptom-free, and wish a mask on at KBDN!  

3/23/2020 UPDATEFollow this morning’s executive stay home order from Oregon governor Kate Brown, Leading Edge is suspending flight school operations as of the close of business today.  Our goal is to consistently keep our staff and students safe in all that they do, and we look forward to resuming flight training as soon as possible.  For additional information, please contact Jack Walker (jwalker@flybend.com or 503.915.3202).   

3/18/2020 UPDATEWe are striving to do everything we can to limit the spread in our community.  We understand that social distancing is not practical in the cockpit environment which is why we have implemented additional mitigation measures that limit the possible exposure to our employees and customers.  These include the following:

  • Frequent disinfectant cleaning of high use areas and surfaces, both in our facility and in our aircraft, to include counter tops, keyboards, mice, flight controls, door handles, et cetera
  • Buildings with high traffic are limited to a single entrance.  The only door that will remain unlocked is the front door.
  • Only people who have business or scheduled flight/ground/test events will be allowed to enter our building and are asked to leave promptly when finished.
  • Everyone who enters our building will have their forehead temperature checked; anyone with a temp higher than 100F will not be allowed entrance.
  • Hand sanitizer and gloves are offered at both the entrance and throughout the building.    
  • Employees and customers who are showing flu like symptoms are asked to remain at home until their symptoms subside.

As stated in the beginning, our primary concern is with the safety and welfare of all our employees and customers.  Everyone is encouraged to continue washing hands regularly and make smart decisions in off time to avoid large gatherings.  Please feel to contact Terry Riessen (triessen@flybend.com), Director of Safety, or Jack Walker (jwalker@flybend.com), Executive Vice President.  

Fly, Live and Work Safe.