Mentor Program

The guidance you need to build the confidence you want

WE ARE OPEN, Accepting students, and ready to safely fly with you!

Leading Edge Flight Academy Pilot Mentor Program partners you with a Certified Flight Instructor to boost your in-flight confidence. Mentors will support you as you work at your own pace to achieve your desired skill level, safety, and comfort.

Why choose the Mentor Program?

Are your Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) skills rusty, and you need to fly in inclement weather? Do you need to fly to a busy airport, and want some guidance to get in and out? Are you making a long trip and need a relief pilot? These are a few of the reasons LEFA pilots graduates choose our Mentor Program

What will you gain?

The Mentor Program is designed to give you a heightened awareness of safety factors, and increase the value of each flight experience. As a result, you’ll benefit from improved skill and confidence under all flight conditions

How it works

You’ll be paired with an instructor who will determine your flying goals, assess your skill and confidence level, and determine any other needs you may have. You’ll also receive mentor assessments as you progress