Flight TRAINING FOR AIRPLANE and helicopter PILOTS for nearly 20 years


Fire & Short Haul Helicopter Pilot for JR Helicopters

I work for JR Helicopters as an OAS-carded fire and short haul helicopter pilot flying AS-350b3 Astars. I fight fires and do search-and-rescue for Sequoia National Park in California. In the winter months, I am on-call for Part 135 commercial work.

I couldn’t have asked for better training than I received at Leading Edge Aviation and COCC. They prepared me above-and-beyond with both my flight training and knowledge-base for my career in aviation. On top of that, I got to do it all in amazing Central Oregon!


Air Ambulance Pilot for Air Methods Corporation

Air Methods Corporation provides advanced air ambulance services as a flying ICU (Intensive Care Unit). The crew consists of one nurse, one paramedic, and the pilot. We respond at the request of EMS to rural scenes, and also transfer patients between hospitals. The helicopter is ready to fly 24/7 365 days-a-year, staffed by four pilots, a mechanic, and a handful of medical personnel. Our base in located in Osage Beach, Missouri. Air Methods has over 330 bases in 48 states.

The education I received from Leading Edge and COCC prepared me in all aspects of flying, from air traffic controlled environments to rural off-airport operations in the Cascade Mountain range. Flying in the mountains of Oregon prepared me perfectly to be an air ambulance pilot (now) and a bush pilot in Alaska (my previous 4 years experience). I also received an Associates degree in Aviation Sciences through COCC which makes my resume stand-out to employers.