Accelerated Training Options

Leading Edge Flight Academy

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Leading Edge Flight Academy Accelerated Options

9 months to launch your new career

Ready to learn to fly but not sure where to start? Leading Edge Flight Academy can launch you into your aviation career in as little as 9 months! 

If you are looking for the fast track to an in-demand career, our Accelerated Training options are the route you will want to take.

Accelerated Training Layout

 This option is available to individuals with limited outside distractions.

The best way to meet your training goals is to fully commit to flight training, meaning you are not enrolled in a degree program and you have a limited outside work schedule. 

If this is your situation you can complete your Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII ratings in 9-12 months with our program. 


Average Training Time

 Individuals who enroll with Leading Edge Flight Academy outside of a degree seeking program generally complete their training in 12-14 months in a non-accelerated environment. This time includes your Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII ratings.